Interior Design

With a decade of experience Artium undertakes residential and commericial projects, comprehensive planning and also sub-tasks. After a request we arrange a preliminary (and gratis) meeting preferably in the project scene, where we assess the client’s needs, discuss the options and according to those information we send a specific price offer weighted by the budget, the size of the property and the deadline. If it is accepted Artium presents two or three montages – based on the preferred colours and style – to discuss and decide the final direction. On the third meeting we submit the so-called draft plan which includes the proposed colours, materials, products, furniture and sectional views. If our client finds the design personal and authentic, Artium prepares the construction plan including the furnished floor plan, the dismantling and wall construction, the water and electricity plan, the tiling guide, custom furniture designs and the consignation (which is a list of all the goods to be purchased, with the source of supply and the price). We support our client during the construction phase with an agreed number of inspections. Artium seals the project with styling before photoshoot or possession.

Home Staging

Numerous studies prove that first impression counts when it comes to buying or renting a property. Approx. 80 percent of the clients knew at the very moment they enter to door whether to go for the real estate or not. At the same time a negligible (about 4-5) percent of the people are able to recognize the potential of an empty or a crowded, unorganized room. During home staging we make the most of the property considering the pre-determined budget so that it could be sold rapidly and on the highest possible price.

Home staging first became popular in the 1970s USA after realtor statistics proved that staged homes sold more efficiently. According to studies the value increase achieved with home staging range from 5 to 20 percent. However home staging a rental property proves to be profitable as well as today’s rental market in Hungary is driven by demand, characterized by more drastic bargains, and due to the fallback of Airbnb and tourism there is a glut of properties on the market.

First we consider technical and aesthetic problems that need to be improved in the property. After market analysis we rethink functions so that they would fit to the defined target group, which is followed by the restyle process. In each case there is a minimum budget (below which the effect cannot be achieved), and a maximum budget (above which it is not worth spending on home staging). The usual budget lies between 0.5-5 percent of the value of the property. Based on our rational approach and decades of experience in interior design and real estate market an effective sale process is guaranteed.

The offer contains:

  • Assessing the real estate and discussing the budget.
  • Monitoring the market, defining the target group.
  • Creating a moodboard about the planned renovation.
  • Listing the consignation which contains all the necessary renovating tasks and the list of the goods to be purchased with the source of supply and the price.
  • 2 property inspections during renovation (instructing renovation workers) or 2 store visits (buying furniture or decor accessories).
  • Offering a professional photographer, styling before photo shoot, participating on photo shoot and instructing the photographer.


0-50 sq.: 100.000 HUF

50-100 sq.: 150.000 HUF

100-150 sq.: 200.000 HUF

Prices are valid for furnished, medium condition real estate. In case of unfurnished or poor condition real estate and real estates above 150 sq. we offer a custom price after a free consultation.

Art Consultancy

artum design mutargy vasarlas

Our professional qualification and many years of art market experience will guide you to find and renovate antique or retro furniture or pieces of art. Artium offers help in complex buying processes as well as accompanying clients in galleries, auctions and antique markets.